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Winter essentials: is boiler cover worth it?

HomeServe engineer servicing a customers boiler. Is boiler cover worth it?

How do you prep for Winter? Shop for a stylish new gloves scarf combo? Maybe you plump up your TV den with all the cosy cushions, throws and candles you can find? We want to draw your mind away from the glamorous, picture-postcard aspect of Winter momentarily and talk about one practical way to ensure absolute peace of mind and cosiness throughout the coldest season – through really good boiler cover.

Now, we know what you’re thinking. Boiler insurance isn’t quite as ‘comforting’ as a snowflake patterned throw but – if you think about it – a working boiler is the foundation of your household’s happiness (or tenants if you’re a landlord) during the Winter months. A broken-down boiler has been the ruin of many a day (or week), especially during cold snaps. So, if purchasing boiler cover hasn’t been on your radar until now, below we’ve listed a few good reasons to consider it before winter sets in. But first:

Table of contents

  1. What is boiler cover?
  2. Is boiler cover worth it?
  3. How much does boiler cover cost?
  4. Boiler maintenance
  5. FAQs

What is boiler cover?

Boiler cover is a type of insurance policy that homeowners and landlords can get to cover the cost of a boiler service carried out by a gas safe registered engineer. It also covers the costs of an annual boiler inspection and any replacement parts needed.

Is boiler cover worth it?

Boiler cover brings with it a raft of benefits that you can appreciate throughout the year, but it’s in winter that it really pulls its weight. So, let’s explore all the reasons how boiler cover can create some peace of mind over Winter.

What should homeowners be aware of?

Landlords may have the pressure of additional regulations when it comes to boiler protection in their properties, but they also often have the financial safety net that many homeowners don’t. With that in mind, what are the benefits of boiler cover for homeowners, I hear you ask. Let’s take a closer look.

Reduce heating bills

Your heating bill can rocket upwards during the winter months. In fact, many people dread it more than the freezing temperatures! However, a regular boiler service is proven to lower your heating bills by keeping it running as efficiently and reliably as it can. So having boiler cover in place can definitely benefit your long-term budget.

Be prepared for the worst

A boiler breakdown in the middle of winter is everyone’s worst nightmare. But unfortunately, boilers are more likely to break down in winter than in summer because, when the temperature drops, standing water in your pipes and boiler can freeze solid, leaving you with a broken boiler and a freezing cold house. In this climate, the probability of your boiler breaking down during Winter can be high.

It’s for this reason that many people get boiler coverage. Our range of Gas Boiler Cover is a great example of this kind of policy. All of our boiler covers feature a free gas service in the first year, so you can identify little niggles and sort them out before they become big issues. Our boiler cover policies also include emergency repairs – so you can be prepared for the best, no matter the time of year.

Minimise costly repairs

Even if your boiler manages to power through a cold winter successfully, if it’s not being maintained and regularly serviced after months of chugging along, your boiler will likely run into problems that result in costly repairs for you. Opting for boiler cover could help you avoid paying out for major repairs, replacements and call-out fees.

What should Landlords be aware of?

As any landlord should know, being an accommodation provider comes with a set of laws and regulations that the average homeowner doesn’t have to consider. So with that in mind, what are the benefits of boiler cover for landlords? Let’s take a closer look.

Ensure your or your tenants’ safety and comfort

Because boiler cover includes annual inspections from a Gas Safe registered Engineer, you can be sure that your gas supply is 100% safe, and you or your tenants are in no danger of carbon monoxide poisoning. Potentially lethal carbon monoxide poisoning can result from living in a household with a faulty gas appliance such as your boiler. A gas safe engineer can also check and resolve any minor operating issues, which could develop into more major faults and a breakdown if left unchecked. (As a landlord you are obliged to renew your gas safety certificate once a year anyway).

Comply with regulations

Listen up landlords: Every year you are legally required to have the boiler on your rental property (or properties) serviced, plus have gas safety checks carried out on all gas appliances. For this reason, it makes sense to purchase boiler cover to guarantee you comply legally and also cover this recurring expense.

Different types of boiler cover

There are different types of boiler cover, ranging from specific boiler-only cover, and boiler plus central heating cover, to more comprehensive household cover packages for homeowners and/or landlords that include boiler, plumbing and electrics insurance.

How much does boiler cover cost?

It depends on the services included, and on the provider you choose, but it’s generally regarded as a cost-effective method to take care of all your boiler maintenance and repair needs, as opposed to the alternative of having to arrange and pay for one-off repairs or replacements whenever disaster strikes. With cover from HomeServe you can also split your annual payment into monthly instalments.

Boiler maintenance

Although you can’t carry out an annual gas safety check on your property’s gas appliances yourself – that procedure should be left to a Gas Safe registered engineer – if you’re a homeowner you can certainly carry out a few regular checks to keep an eye on how your boiler is doing.

Take a look at our homeowners’ boiler maintenance checklist for a run-down of the regular checks and balances you can do to keep everything in tip-top condition. These range from monthly checks that your water pressure isn’t too low, to six-monthly radiator bleeding and annual inhibitor top-ups. It’s worth noting that many of these checks can be carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer if you’re covered by your home insurance policy – so checking your cover could save time and effort.

We’re here to help

From home emergency cover to one-off repairs, we’re here for you with 24/7 support. Whether it’s taking care of your plumbing, drains, boiler, heating or electrics, trust our Home Experts to help you take better care of your home with our range of home emergency insurance cover for homeowners and landlords.


Do I need boiler cover if my boiler is under warranty?

The main difference between a boiler warranty and boiler cover is that a warranty covers solely your boiler, while boiler cover applies to your entire central heating system. Eg. If an issue arises with your pipework that affects your heating, your boiler warranty wouldn’t cover this but with boiler cover, your provider would be able to organise a repair for you.

What does boiler cover include?

There are different types of boiler cover, ranging from specific boiler-only cover, and boiler plus central heating cover, to more comprehensive household cover packages for homeowners and/or landlords that include boiler, plumbing and electrics insurance.

Are boilers covered by home insurance?

Not usually. Standard home insurance providers won’t cover the cost of repairing or replacing a broken boiler because boiler breakdown is so common. However, they often do pay for damage caused by a faulty boiler, such as oil or water leaking from a boiler and damaging the floor or carpet.

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