Helping Gen Z become Gen D-IY

We’ve teamed up with Jeff and Freddie Brazier as our research reveals that 3 million young adults lack basic home maintenance skills.

Jeff and Freddie Brazier in red HomeServe uniforms sitting in front of a house.

That’s why we’re on a mission to help get the nation feeling confident about essential DIY. Whether you’re a total novice or looking to brush up on your skills, we’ve got tips for tackling some of the top household issues.

Jeff and Freddie Brazier crouching in front of a sink unit with the stopcock exposed.

Stumped by Stopcocks

Your stopcock is the first place you should go in the event of a plumbing issue and only 22% of young adults are confident they know where to find it.

Find out more about stopcocks
Jeff and Freddie Brazier inspecting a fusebox.

Fuse Box Fixes

Just 31% of young adults feel confident in tackling fusebox issues. Watch our video to find out how to get the power back on in the event of a trip.

How to fix a tripped fuse
A HomeServe Engineer teaching Freddie Brazier how to fix a leaky tap.

Fixing a Dripping Tap

Many young adults don't feel confident when it comes to basic plumbing tasks. Check out our video to help tackle a common issue with household taps.

How to fix leaking tap issues
Jeff and Freddie Brazier bleeding a radiator.

Bleeding a radiator

If your radiator has cold spots or is making a rattling noise, it may need bleeding. Read our step-by-step guide to get it running smoothly again.

How to bleed your radiators
Freddie Brazier welcoming a HomeServe Engineer into his home. A lightbulb graphic is in the background.

Changing a lightbulb

41% of young adults say they don’t feel confident changing a lightbulb. Don’t get left in the dark and check out our top tips.

Changing a lightbulb
Freddie Brazier holding a key to university accommodation with a HomeServe key ring.

University guide

Moving to university? Our essential student's guide is packed with helpful DIY tips to make your new accommodation feel like home.

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Do you need a little extra help?

Let HomeServe take care of it

From home emergency cover to one-off repairs and new boiler installations, we’re always looking for ways to bring you better care for your home. Take a look at our full range of products and services.

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Looking for more DIY advice?

Whether it’s home maintenance help and guidance or DIY tips, we’ve got everything you need to take on those smaller jobs at home.

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Data is based on Opinium commissioned research amongst 2,000 UK adults (18+) in May 2024. For the purposes of this study, we’re referring to young adults as 18-34 year olds. Based on Statistica's 2022 data, the UK's population aged 18-34 is estimated at more than 11,000,000. 27% of people from this demographic taking our survey reported that they lack basic DIY skills taught by their parents. This equates to 3,009,899 18-34 year olds.